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However, it is extremely click-intensive and can be hard to learn. 1.5-tick woodcutting is done by setting up a 3-tick cycle (such as using swamp tar on a clean herb) and alternating tiles next to the hardwood patches. When timed correctly, the player has a chance to receive two logs at once every three ticks. Using an infernal axe is strongly recommended for this method, as it reduces the amount of logs that need to be dropped. The player may also need stamina potions to sustain run energy. The following charts show expected experience rates for every tree.

Once you locate a sample of your liking, the similarity bar on the bottom will cycle through samples within a set radius of the selected sample. XO stores history along with the ability to easily change the Similarity sample. Since many children in the developing world live “off the grid” (in places with poor or non-existent power infrastructure), the XO laptop is designed to be extremely power efficient. The display functions in a full-color mode similar to other laptop displays and in an ultra-low-power, ultra-high-resolution, black-and-white mode that is readable in direct sunlight. These include a camera, microphone, speakers and wireless antennae.

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